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Car insurance for learner (new) drivers

Car insurance for learner drivers

Learner driver insurance holds a short term vehicle protection policy that insures both your car or someone else while you operate a provisional licence.
If you are going to be learning to drive in your vehicle, you can arrange yearly learner driver car insurance which you can refresh once you have passed your examination. Or, you can arrange a short term policy it is completely up to you.

Also, remember to place your L plates on or D plates in Wales or you may risk a six-point penalty on your licence.

Student driver insurance rules

Learner driver insurance grants you to train in virtually any vehicle, in any case long as you have authority, although there are several rules to comply. By law, your obligation is to be supervised by a licensed driving teacher or a qualified motorist who is above 21 years old.
  1. The person overseeing you need to have held a full driving licence for 3 years, be qualified to operate the vehicle you are learning in, not be intoxicated, furthermore sit in the front passenger seat
  2. You need to display L plates on the front and including the rear of your car (you should use D plates in Wales). Once you have passed your driving examination, you can replace your L plates with P plates
  3. You can simply drive on a motorway if you are beside an approved driving instructor and the vehicle has dual controls. As shortly as you pass your exam you are able to drive on motorways, although it is also best to get extra supervision if you are uncertain
If you operate without the proper supervision, you can be penalised up to £1,000 also can get up to six penalty points on your provisional licence.

Student driver insurance exclusions

Some learner drivers policies restrain the value of vehicles you can drive, such as a max value of £20,000.

You should look at your policy carefully, this blog is only providing information and should not be taken as a consultation. 


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