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Top 9 reasons why you might get temporary car insurance

When short term protection could suit you best: 

Why might you get short-term insurance.  

Short vehicle insurance might work out more economical, or more convenient, than a standard year-long policy if you're:

  • A young driver

If you’ve acquired access to an associate or family member’s vehicle, you might simply want to drive it when you’re back from university 
  • Borrowing or hiring a car

Don’t spend money by taking out a vehicle insurance policy for longer than you require 
  • Mastering to drive

You might simply be able to take occasional lessons, therefore the short-term cover could be helpful
  • Collecting or transferring a vehicle

You may be able to arrange provisional car insurance for a day or so, to cover the brief trip
  • Test driving or purchasing a new car

Buying from a private dealer? Take your possible new vehicle out for a spin preferentially drive it home when the deal is completed
  • Driving a courtesy vehicle

If your vehicle is under for maintenance or repair and you are given a courtesy car it will require cover 
  • Drive sharing

Split driving responsibilities with colleagues and family on a lengthy journey 
  • Occasionally driving

If you have got a classic or sports car you infrequently drive, you can insure it merely for one special weekend
  • Emergencies

Short term vehicle insurance can assist you to get covered immediately so you can get driving when you need to hire a car in a rush


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