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What's needed for temporary car insurance?

What's needed for temporary car insurance?

There are three choices for covering you or a friend or family member on a brief-term basis.
If you require to share your vehicle with someone you associate with like your son or daughter, family member, colleague or close friend - take a look at Car Sharing Insurance.

If you require to borrow a car while you are at home of uni during the weekend or you are organising a road trip among friends and need to share the driving, Car Sharing Insurance could be a solution for you. And, the car owner's No Claims Bonus is sufficiently protected in the case of a claim.

If you are learning to operate in mum or dad's vehicle, or somebody else's car, take a look at Learner Driver Insurance - it will protect learner drivers for anything from 2 hours to 90 days and you should read the term and conditions to ensure all claims made will not change the car owner's No Claims Bonus.

If you are contemplating to add another car to your existing policy for a short while, Temporary Supplementary car cover could be the solution to your insurance prayers. You don't need to start a different policy, simply add it on for up to 30 days depending on the insurance company.

For further information about the limitations of temporary car insurance.  

Driveaway insurance

If you purchase a new car you may require cover so you can drive from the garage, or till the renewal period of your existing car's policy if there are several weeks left. Some insurance company provide short term on your policy, you just need to speak to their customer service team which will advise of all admin fees.

If you are looking to temporarily insure a vehicle for any reason we haven't covered, then there are specialist insurers out there who can provide you with information and help you. You can visit price comparison sites similar to for quotes.

Temporary Additional Vehicle

While you own a car protected, you can add another car, short-term, without having to start a brand-new policy. As long as that the car is listed to you or a close family member, you can add it for up to 30 days. You may want to do this if you are selling a vehicle.

Both Temporary Additional Driver and Temporary Additional car are subject to administration charges and T&C would apply. Insurance providers customer Services team will be capable to advise you of any extra charges.

Temporary car insurance for learner drivers

If you are learning to drive, insurance companies will cover you in mum or dad's vehicle from 2 hours to 90 days while you get to grasps with some roads.

The flexible cover is open to UK provisional licence holders who require to learn to drive in a family member or friend's car, provided the owner has a full UK driving licence. Whats great about some cover is the main policyholder's No Claims Bonus won't be affected if you need to claim while you're learning.

90-day Learner Driver Insurance can starts from just £2 per day while some seven-day cover costs just £30 excellent for those last-minute lessons before your examination.

Car Sharing Insurance

If you need to use a car or loan yours to a colleague or family member for anything from 1 hour to 30 days, Car Sharing Insurance could be the right option for you.

If you're looking for one-day insurance because you don't want to play taxi while your son or daughter is home for the weekend, or you want to borrow mums car for some days, consider short term car insurance. It covers you for up to 30 days and the owner's No Claims Bonus won't be affected depending on the T&C if you need to make a claim.

The competitively-priced cover is also perfect if you want to share the driving on a road trip or you need to borrow your partner's car. 

You should look at your policy carefully, this blog is only providing information and should not be taken as a consultation. 


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